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Application Evaluation

Local applications typically allow the creation of 3D models through intensive algorithmic pixel processes from photographs yet recently cloud computing has emerged as a strong contender offering vastly superior computing power, (for example Autodesk’s Project Photofly has enormous potential). The future of advanced computing must surely lie in the clouds! An evaluation of some of the current possible applications was necessary:

Project Photofly– Autodesk. Very user friendly cloud computing application. Unfortunatly no possibility of mesh conversion (yet)
Photosynth 2PMVS Toolkit – Microsoft and Henri Astre. Detailed DSM (Dense Surface Models) but many complex processes and challenging hardware requirements
PhotoModel3D – VisualSize. Similar technology and results to 2PMVS yet new product and unavailable as an academic licence http://www.visualsize.com/
3DSom. High quality commercial product. Possible object size limitations? Cost implications
Photo-to-3D. Commercial service yet reviewed as slow and limited
Bundler. Open Source application yet sparse point clouds
Vi3dim. Requires a rigid studio set up and makes use of a webcam, possible quality implications?
ARC3D. Open Source product. 360 degree limitations
PhotoModeler Scanner. Excellent quality commercial package. Very cost restrictive
ImageMaster – Topcon. Another excellent commercial application and again very expensive
AgiSoft Photoscan. Dense point clouds, cost effective (student licence), excellent reviews and forums.*

I have decided to explore the AgiSoft Photoscan product which appears to be excellent value for a little money. With the help of some talented users, the application has created some fantastic and exciting results. Watch this space………


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